An Online Memorial on Ecorial

How To Create An Online Memorial on Ecorial

You can easily create an Ecorial online memorial through their website or the Ecorial app. Download the app for Apple and Android devices.

1. You will also need to create an account and sign in for both the app and the website. Once logged in, Ecorial will take you to the My Memorials page, which you can always access at the bottom of the app in the navigation bar. Here you can create memorials or visit memorials you’ve saved. The app and website use the same steps for the rest of the process.

2. If you’re wondering how to create an online memorial, it’s straightforward. Click “create a new memorial.” Next, you’ll be prompted to:

3. From here, select if this is a public or private page.

4. That will take you to their blank memorial page.

5. Now it’s time to upload a photo of your loved one. You’ll also have the option of downloading a background photo for their page.

6. Next, create a tagline. This will go under the person’s name. It could be one of their favorite quotes or something sentimental like “Beloved grandmother, mother, sister, and friend.”

7. Now you can set your beloved departed’s dates of birth and death.

8. This final piece may be a little emotional, and that’s ok. Here you’ll enter your beloved’s life story. You can be as detailed or as brief as you want. It’s also ok to delegate this task to someone close to the person who passed.

When you’re at your loved one’s final resting place, click the button “record spot.” This will take you to a page with two options. One is to record your exact location. You would choose this option if scattering someone’s ashes at sea or at their burial plot. Or, you can choose to insert an address if you’re not at the physical site of the resting place. You’ll be prompted to add the date and time of the burial if you’re not recording during the actual ceremony.

1. Now you’ll be asked to describe the type of ceremony. Was it a burial, land scattering, tree memorial, or water scattering?

2. Next, you can add a description of the resting place if you like.

3. Now, you’re given the option of taking and uploading a photo of your loved one’s final resting place.

4. Finally, now that you’ve created your loved one’s online memorial, you can use Ecorial to share the webpage and Memory Map with family and friends.

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