About Us

We're a Colorado-based team of nature lovers, entreprenuers, adventurers, and designers building a unique platform to help the millions of families who are looking to honor a loved one who Rests in Nature®...

What is Ecorial®?

Ecorial® is the first and only global community focused on honoring and memorializing our loved ones when their ashes are scattered, placed, or buried in nature. Ecorial® makes it simple and easy for family and friends to permanently record the time, date, and GPS coordinates of any final resting place outdoors, whether it’s in the mountains, a forest, an ocean, a yard…anywhere.

Why Ecorial®?

With the tap of a button, you can now quickly and easily record the exact GPS coordinates, date and time of your loved one’s memorial in nature! This is all made possible by the new Ecorial® app. With this app, you no longer have to guess where a loved one’s scattering in the ocean took place or where in the mountains you buried their cremated remains. It is all recorded and stored on the Memory Map® within the app. This can give you peace-of-mind knowing that you know your loved one’s exact resting place (or places). Their resting place can be a special location where you, family and friends can visit whenever you wish and pay your respects to your loved one.

 The Ecorial® app is also loaded with additional features (with more coming soon!). Families can create a beautiful everlasting and interactive memorial that is unique as their loved one - storing and showcasing photos, videos, and other information to honor them and preserve their memory. These are permanently recorded, stored, shared (publicly or privately with friends and family), and displayed on the Memory Map® so current and future generations can view the memorial, learn about your loved one, and know where they forever Rest in Nature®.  


How Ecorial Works..